November 2019: Good news from Home For The Needy

Dear brethren, dear friends,

we greet you all and reach out to you with good news from Home For The Needy in Nigeria.
Our children and youths are doing very fine. There’s great progress especially in the area of their education.

Last year 28 of our students got admission into university. That was a great miracle. Compared to Germany it is not easy in Nigeria to get a place to study. Many of our students apply for years and don’t give up despite being refused several times, because without a university degree you can hardly have a good professional perspective in Nigeria.

We are happy the more to inform you today that this year 102 of students got admission into university. Just like last year many of them are youths from the Northeast of Nigeria who were able to escape Boko Haram terror. To God be all the glory, HE has heard and answered our prayers.

Now we need the next miracle: the new semester has started already but our students are still at home, they couldn’t start their studies yet.
The reason is that we still need to pay the study fees for everyone of them. In total, 230,383.75 € are needed urgently.

See also a short report from the Nigerian newspaper "Vanguard" about some of the admissions into university:

We believe and trust God who opened the door to university for so many students to as well do a financial miracle.

That is why we are turning to you as we are very grateful for any kind of support.

If you know organisations that are able to help us or people who would like to support our work financially please let us know or just forward these information.

Thank you for praying for us and standing with us in faith that God will perform this miracle. The students are eagerly waiting to begin their studies soon!

Be richly blessed and thank you very much for your help!


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