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In rendering humanitarian services to the needy, orphans, destitute, etc., the ministry has established an orphanage to accommodate and care for different categories of people especially helpless/hopeless children, street children that need shelter, food, education and other basic amenities. We feed, accommodate and send these children to schools.
Currently they are more than 4000 children.

Support for the orphanage is open to all who truly love to care for the needy.

You can also sponsor a child with 40 -50€ per month, of which you get a photo and some personal informations. This money helps e.g. to pay school fees, clothing, personal items etc.
Every year you get about 1-2 letters of the child with new photos or drawings. 


Interview with Pastor Solomon (click here)

Photo Gallery (click here)


For sponsorship or further information send an email to kontakt-deiccfmissions.org