Update about new fellowship hall

As you know, right now a new fellowship hall is being built at the International Centre in Nigeria so that the more than 2500 brethren can have fellowship together and are sheltered from the heavy rain that falls daily and brings cold. The former hall could seat only about 300 people and was open on every side. The open hall was not able to resist wind and cold during this rainy season.

It's a great miracle that this new hall is being built! The building process is moving forward. The pillars have been established and the walls of the new hall have been completed.

Thank you for your support that made it possible to get this far!
On the below pictures you can see the current construction state.


The next step is roofing the hall. This is very vital as there is no other building for fellowship at the moment. Right now, the brethren gather provisionally on the school compound for fellowship. Part of them are seated in the open, under canopies and others are divided into various class rooms. But this is just an emergency solution because it is rainy season right now and once the heavy rain starts falling, the compound will be flooded.
During fellowship when the rain is windy it gets the Bibles wet etc. and blows away many things, and this time we have several rain with floods very high, windy and cold.

That is why we hope and trust God for the new fellowship hall to be completed quickly. For this, finances for roofing, doors, windows, flooring, electricity, painting, for buying more chairs etc. are still needed.

We therefore ask you to keep standing with us in prayers and giving, and to also tell others about it.

Thank you for letting God use you.

God bless you all for your help, in Jesus’ name!