International Centre - building project

1. How it started

2. What is next? - Jun 2012

3. The current status - September 2013

4. Status of construction - December 2014

5. School buildings must be completed urgently - February 2015

6. Further progress - February 2016


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Since ICCFMissions began in 1991, all the resources that came have been used for soul winning and discipleship.

Through these years, ICCFMissions had no landed property, house etc. of her own but have been using rented buildings for missions conferences, mission school, orphanage home, discipleship conferences etc. Seven years ago, we started praying that God should give us land that will accommodate all the different arms of our ministry.

In 2007 God answered our prayers in a marvelous way. Before this time, we went to different places but the Holy Spirit said they were not the right places to get this land. During this period we met some people who were not genuine land owners, but only wanted to collect money by tricks. Others actually showed us land but the prices on them were just too much. Still God kept assuring Pastor Solomon that He will give us the land in the right place without stress. One day, one of our converts came and said she knows a king in a community called Uhogua, who has land to sell. Pastor Solomon sent her and other brethren to enquire if it was false and place our order for a large expanse of land before the king.

The size of land we got there was perfect for our building project but the money we had was very little and the king demanded a very high amount from us, which we could not afford at all. We tried to convince him to give it to us for the amount we had but he didn’t agree. It looked like there was no way but God was already at work! One morning, the king called Pastor Solomon and told him that throughout the night he couldn’t sleep and that he always heard a voice in his heart that told him he should give that land for the work of God. So he agreed to give us the land for the price we had offered him earlier, which is a miracle because the amount is actually too small compared to the size of land, which is 16 hectares (update: the total land is now more than 30 acres).

After we bought the land and surveyed it we began to make roads round it and started clearing it. Our members and even the pastors faithfully laboured with their hands for many months to remove plants, trees, so that we could start building. After a big place was cleared, we had the first fellowship there in 20th January 2008 with large crowd of people in attendance.

Now we have built a temporary structure that seats more than 300 people. The original plan for this structure was to serve as a roof over our heads, while we work towards building the conference centre but now it is serving a lot of purposes – especially during this raining season.

We are happy and grateful to everyone, who supports us in prayers, finances and any kind of help.




In our Photo Gallery (International Centre - building project) you can see some pictures in order of sequences.

Video: land overview 11/2008


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2. What is next?  >>> PDF Newsletter June 2012

We want to share a joyful message with you. Now the time has come to continue to set up the buildings at the ”New Land“ (now ”International Centre“)! That means, this is now a great step forward concerning the vision God gave to us!

At the same time we want to ask for your assistance, which is urgently needed, so that all of us can see the tremendous miracle, which our heavenly father wants to do for us!

As you know, ICCFMissions has been accommondating more than 400 children since. Many of these children (about 150) are already living at the International Centre outside the city and no longer in the rented houses in Benin City. It was necessary to bring those children there because the owners of the houses have been complaining again and again that too many children are living in the houses. Furthermore, rents have been increased constantly.
In order to daily take these children from the International Centre to our own Christian school in Benin City and back, busses have to be paid. These transport costs are very high.
If you look at these expenses, you will note that very much money has to be spent on rent and transport.

For this reason Pastor Solomon and his workers went into prayers to find the right solution on how to counteract these oversized expenses.
They came to the conclusion that the only right and best thing to do is to build their own houses and their own school at the International Centre as soon as possible. Then all children can be together, they have enough space and they are able to go to school locally.

For reasons of time and money a temporary solution should be created first by building provisional, which means „quick built houses“. As a result of this, the enormous costs for rent and transport will fall away and this money can now be saved for building the actual houses.
As homes for the children two halls for the boys and three halls for the girls should be made, twelve toilets each, a separate house with a big kitchen, two dining halls and a separate house to iron clothes.
For the school three long halls are planned, separated into many class rooms and some school offices, and 6 toilets each for boys and girls.

In order to build these houses, at least 32.000 USD are needed.

From this amount iron wood for the pillars, wooden slats for the halls, cement and stones for the floor, and nails and zinc for the roofs can be bought and workers can be employed to help the brethren to build.

Dear brethren, dear friends,
we need a quick miracle! We believe that it will not be difficult to get these 32.000 USD if many join in and partake!
Therefore: Please help, so that it will come to pass as soon as possible and so that all needs will be met!

We believe that the fulfillment of the actual vision for the International Centre will start with this step and that God will do further things in this process! Let us, each and everyone of us, search for possibilities to help. Let us start now! Please also tell others!

It is very important for us to know that you are supporting and praying for this big project, so that we are able to experience anew how our heavenly father is doing great things. All the glory belongs to him!

Thank you for your readiness and your open heart and be sure, ”...that your labour is not in vain in the Lord!“ (1 Cor 15:58)


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3. The current status  >>> PDF Newsletter September 2013

Panorama hall side

Panorama School

We are very happy to bring you good news. We especially want to give you an insight into the current status of the building project and want to inform you about the next projected steps.

Right at the beginning we want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your love, for all the financial support, your prayers and all that you contributed to implement this building project. God bless you abundantly for that!

We are especially glad about the progress of the school buildings. The brick walls of the first 28 class rooms have been done a bit more than half. On the panorama picture at the top of this newsletter and on the attached photo pages you can see the current building state of the school buildings.
At the same time we are putting up a temporary building made from wood with 14 class rooms, which shall be used until the real school buildings have been completed. Its wooden framework is already standing.

Apart from this, three new houses for the accommodation of the children of „Home For The Needy“ have been built – two for the girls and one for the boys. The boy's house is already occupied.
In each of these houses 50 - 60 children find space and for now we plan to build ten more.

Furthermore the following facilities have been established:
– a building where the children can gather for fellowship
– a building for the accommodation of our missionaries that come from the mission field
– a house for the accommodation of the labourers that work on our farms
– a building with eight toilets for the girls and two small cubbies
– a house which we will maybe use to sell warm food, snacks and daily necessities

Right now we are also building a big kitchen, two stores and toilets for the boys.

We are not only overwhelmed by God's help and your support during the building process but also by the strong unity we experienced among ourselves while we were working. Every day brethren from our far away churches in the jungle came on their own to help us build. Equipped with tools and building materials and full of dynamism they contributed to making the building work progress rapidly.
All work has been done with much diligence, great joy and in deep unity!

Photo Gallery (International Centre - building project / Construction of school buildings and temporary housing)

How we want to continue:

The next steps in order to complete the school buildings are to cement the floor and to put iron rods, which are going to function as girders. Also the brick walls will be completed and a roof truss will be build from wood, which is going to be covered with corrugated iron sheets. When this is done, further steps will follow, like building of ceiling, doors and windows.

In order to make the two houses for accommodation of the girls ready for occupancy we need to put concrete stone in the ground.
In the case of the boy's building only the concrete around the house is missing.

Hence now more of our children are able to move to our big land there is also an urgent need to complete the big kitchen, the stores for food stuff and the toilets for the boys. Apart from that we need to create more bathing facilities and more opportunities for hanging out the laundry.

So we still have a lot of work before us, which can not be accomplished without the active support of everyone!
We are very grateful to have you, dear brethren, by our side and we still ask you for support by prayers and donations, so that the unfinished buildings can be completed and new ones can be build quickly!


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4. Status of construction >>> PDF Newsletter December 2014

From the time we have started getting funds, we started building. We started with the bathrooms for showers. Now, we completed   10 bathrooms for the boys with soakaway. Also, we completed 10 bathrooms for the girls. They already started using it. Praise God!

Apart from that, God just dropped the idea in our hearts to convert the old bathrooms and toilets that we were using before to housing spaces.
In the old bathrooms we broke the middle wall, we added some pillars to make it strong and sealed it with cement. We threw up the walls and roofed it. Now it looks very beautiful.

Then we filled  the  pits of the old  toilets properly with sand. They have concrete floors with iron rods in it, so it is never going to collapse. After that we sealed the floors with cement and put in windows. It is so beautiful - the old toilets are now rooms, where people can stay.

We also worked on the school buildings. Right now we have completed 10 rooms with walls and pillars. Now we need to roof these 10 buildings so we can take in more children.

We pay professionals to make them work on the buildings.

Right now we want to move ahead, we want to do more things, we want to roof the 10 class rooms. For that, we need funds to buy wood, nails and zinc. We need doors and windows, concrete sand, cement to render the walls and  to  put electricity  in  the house.  Then  we  can  take even more children.
Also we plan to build more wooden houses to accommodate more people.

So far so good we have been able to manage those children we have gotten. But we still need much more funds to press forward   and rescue many more as thousands are suffering.

With all our heart we thank you for your support in finances, prayers, for your efforts and concern.

Video roundview:
International Centre 07/2014



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5. School buildings must be completed urgently! >>> PDF Newsletter February 2015

There is still an urgent need to complete our 28 massive classrooms, as our temporary wooden school building is overcrowded. Many students are taught under trees, or under a simple canopy of bamboo canes and palm leaves.

As we wrote in our previous newsletter, we also could use the massive built classrooms, when they are completed, as a provisional placement for children.


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6. Further progress - February 20126

Newsletter Febr '16

Now we have more than 2000 children staying with us altogether, out of which more than 1200 are from the northeast, the area that is being terrorised by Boko Haram.

We are also very happy about the new buildings and facilities that could be established through the support of many people. During the past months, 5 out of the 28 uncompleted class rooms have been roofed. The completion of the school buildings is still a big need. The wooden building we are currently using for our school is filled to the bursting point, with 80 to 90 students in one class. Some classes still need to be aught in the open field. As more and more children are coming to us, we are in urgent need of bigger and better school buildings.

More ccommodations for the children have been built: two brick houses for the boys as well as a brick house and a wooden house for the girls. Still, there is also the urgent need here to have more accomodations as new children are arriving daily.

There is also progress in the sanitary facilities: For the boys, 15 new water system toilets with tiled walls and sinks were built. This is planned for the girls also, the foundation was laid already. We have new water tanks and new taps for boys and girls each, and a new bore hole.

We have also an additional small provisional kitchen, which was built single-handedly by some donors. Further, a small wooden house each for the boys and the girls has been built, which are presently used as accommodations, but will later serve as facilities for barbing children's hair.

Also, there is a health centre that is under construction, financed by donations as well, and we could employ a nurse who is caring for the children medically.
Apart from that, we are about to build a store house and a dining hall. The land for this was cleared manually with great commitment by our boys.

We thank you all for your faithfulness and your precious help!
God bless you!


Note: we need much more money to continue and complete this projects, please kindly donate as much as God puts in your heart to help finish this great task for those urgently in need.

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