03-08-2016 Newsletter "Urgent need in Nigeria!"

Dear friends,

we thank you for standing by our side - by your commitment, your prayers or financial support.
You have done a lot for this children, you have helped to build houses, given food, medicines etc. Through you they have seen love, care and now have hope for the future.

With this e-mail we want to call on you urgently:
Please pray for Nigeria!

At this link, you can see a report about the horrible situation of the IDPs of the country.

Due to the ongoing insurgency of Boko Haram, the number of refugees increases more and more, that is why there is an exceedingly great famine by now. Hundreds of people are dying every day because they have nothing to eat and drink. Especially children are affected by that.

Let us pray for God’s intervention, that He will put an end to it! God is still greater! He works with our prayers!

We, at ICCFMissions - “Home For The Needy“, have just no food left and without urgent help will cause catastrophe. That is how we are having great challenges to provide for the more than 2512 children. Every day!
We ask you for your urgent help. Nothing is too small and nothing is too big. The costs of living have risen beyond measure.
We do pray for you as well that God will meet all your needs!
Thank you very much for your faithfulness!

Heartfelt greetings, in the Lord!


Bank details:

Name: ICCFMissions
IBAN:  DE22 8705 8000 4000 0437 10
Bank:   Sparkasse Vogtland

For donation receipts:
Name:   Help for the Needy e.V.
IBAN:   DE40 8705 8000 0101 0170 30
Bank:   Sparkasse Vogtland
Reference:  Food for Home For The Needy
For a donation receipt we need your address.