08-10-2014 Good news

Praise God!!!! Good news and appreciation to all of you who supported us and the children in prayers.
For the last two days the Nigerian army had subjected us day and night to all kinds of scrutiny and even today sent some soldiers to the International Centre to verify what we are doing.

And now after all they praised and commended us for our great work which they now know and then wrote an approval letter with their seal and stamp for the children which they held up so that no other military or police can stop them on the way and released them.

Right now they are on their way here and hopefully will arrive here tomorrow. The army even now gave us a lot of contacts on how we can easily bring more other children. This has made us know much people in authority that would be useful in time of need.

Once again thanks and appreciation to everyone of you for your prayers and support!!!! God is so good!!!