29-10-2014 Urgent prayer request!!!

Unfortunately, we received the following message from Nigeria today:

"The place where we gathered 73 children being prepared to be brought here to us has been attacked by Boko Haram this afternoon with all the children scattered into different directions

and even the woman and brother caring for them all in different directions in the bush right now and Boko Haram has taken over the place.

Infact they would have been here with us but for the bureaucratic process thrown on our way by the security officials which we have been busy trying to sort out.

Please join us in prayers for them, this is very urgent! Thanks!“

We also want to ask you to pray for the 34 children from the north, who came to us recently. Most of them are strongly traumatised because of the terrible happenings of the last months.

One example is Emmanuel, who is about 14 years old. He has been crying for one week almost continously; and whenever he starts eating he remembers his family who has been wiped out by Boko Haram.

Please pray for the children, that the Lord will restore them and that they can leave all these horrible experiences behind.

Thanks a lot, God bless you!