Overwhelming healing testimony

Dear friends,

how wonderful it is to have a wonder working God!

Once again, we want to share with you a great testimony that took place at the International Centre in Nigeria, to encourage you in your faith.
Our Lord is our healer - Hallelujah!

When the terror group Boko Haram attacked Simon Yunusa's home town in the North-East of Nigeria, the terrorists also came to his house, ready to kill whosoever may cross their path. 18-year-old Simon tried to escape by climbing the high security wall that was built around his house, but at his first attempt he fell to the ground from a high distance and broke his left hip bone. Again and again he tried to climb the security wall, falling down on his already broken hip repeatedly, before he was finally able to get to the other side of the wall. In unspeakable pain he dragged himself to another town called Gombi. As if enough harm were not done to Simon's hip already, on his way to Gombi a tree fell and hit the broken hip, making everything even worse.
Unfortunately, the doctors in Gombi were unable to cope with his case as it was a very complicated fracture. The hip bone was crushed and bones were piercing all through his flesh. The doctors were not able to fix it. So at the end everything grew back together crookedly and caused Simon a lot of problems. He was no more able to walk properly and every step he took was terribly painful. Nobody knew how he would be able to continue life like this.

When he found shelter at our „Christian Home For The Needy“ in Benin City more than one year ago, we took him to the best doctors in town. All of them came to the same conclusion: there was no recovery for him – he needed a miracle.
The only thing that could have been done for him was to fix an artificial hip (hip replacement). But according to the doctors even with that he would have never been pain-free. Further, there would have been need to continually carry out operations to replace the artificial hip for the rest of his life.
Unfortunately we did not have enough money for the highly expensive hip operation, so we prayed and believed God to provide the necessary financial means for us.
Later, a team of doctors who had earlier examined Simon started raising funds for the operation, but unfortunately they were not able to raise the whole amount needed.

One day, a team of Christian doctors came to our centre for a medical outreach. When they examined Simon, they too saw that humanly there was no hope for him. Seeing that he suffered severely, they encouraged him to believe God for his healing.
So Simon decided to seek God's face in prayer. Day and night he brought his case before God, he studied scriptures about divine healing and continually proclaimed them over his life as he prayed fervently. We prayed along with him and always encouraged him to keep it up.

As Simon continued like that, one morning he woke up and discovered that something had happened to him. The first thing he noticed was that he had slept through the night without terrible pain in his hip keeping him awake for hours. Also, he was suddenly able to walk normally without any pain – he was even jumping and running, which he was not able to do before. It was a miracle! He had received supernatural healing from God!
Simon was so happy! His face that always used to be sad and contorted with pain was beaming with joy. As we all became witnesses of this great miracle our hearts where overwhelmed with gratitude and praise to God.

Recently, the doctor who had been trying to raise money for Simon's operation during the past year came to our centre and could not believe his eyes when he saw Simon walking and running as if he had never had any problem with his hip. He was so amazed and excited about this miracle that he informed the press. This great testimony has been published by several newspapers in Nigeria.

Nothing is impossible to our God - no disease, no problem is too big for him! So, be encouraged to take steps by faith and receive your miracle!

God bless you abundantly!