21-8-2016 Thank you very much for your help!

Dear friends,

we want to thank you with all our heart that you have responded immediately to our cry for help.
With your donations, we were enabled to buy foodstuffs that were urgently needed for the more than 2512 children at “Home For The Needy“. Thus, you have saved us from a catastrophe.
Below this text you can see pictures and two videos.

When Pastor Solomon told the children that money has come in, in order to buy bread, milk and cocoa and other things for them, they bursted into loud cheers for joy.
This was overwhelming and very, very touching! It was simply indescribable how the children were rejoicing continuously, how they were greatly happy when they heard that they will get what they were lacking for so long. In the attachment, you can see pictures and two videos of when the food was shared.

Thank you for your love which you are giving to these precious children by that! You are helping them to live, you are a great blessing! They will even still remember later that there are good people that helped them.

So let us continue in doing good because we need your help! Especially now that the costs of living are rising beyond measure. God will as well meet your own needs!

Once again, thank you very much!

God bless you abundantly!


Bank details:

Name: ICCFMissions
IBAN: DE22 8705 8000 4000 0437 10
Bank: Sparkasse Vogtland

For donation receipt:
Name: Help for the Needy e.V.
IBAN: DE40 8705 8000 0101 0170 30
Bank: Sparkasse Vogtland
Reference: Home For The Needy
For a donation receipt we need your address.






Video 1
  Video 2