14-02-2016 News about the rescue of the children and about the buildings

We are very happy that by now we could rescue over 1200 children and youths (including several widows and families) from the northeast of Nigeria and give them shelter at our “Christian Home For The Needy“.
Newsletter Febr '16

Since the beginning of January alone, we were able to welcome about 150 new children from the crisis area in the northeast. One can see in those children how glad and relieved they are to finally be out of mortal danger; but also how at the same time they are still suffering from the terrible experiences they went through. In the children from the northeast that have been staying with us for some time now, we can see how God is working in them, how he heals and restores their inside. For us there is nothing better than seeing those once strongly traumatised children flourishing, and to see how God's joy and peace fill their hearts and reflect in their faces. The children are progressing in their education and we are very grateful to God that they are doing well in spirit, soul and body. We know that He is also going to do this in the new children who presently arrive here in groups daily.

With great joy we also received about 300 children in January from the northwest of thecountry. They are from Kebbi State, where Pastor Solomon had a very successful missions trip some time ago and ministered to thousands of people. They heard about us through the children from this area who have been staying with us for quite some time. When they went back to Kebbi State recently to spend their holiday there, everybody was so excited to see how their lives have changed! Everyone saw the great progress they have made, how well brought up and educated they are now, and how well they now speak English (most people there don't know how to speak English).
Apart from that, all children shared the spiritual teachings they received here, they went for evangelism and literally caused revival in that place! It was a big testimony! This awakened the desire in more than 2000 children and youths to stay at “Christian Home For The Needy“ as well, in order to become just like them. But it was not possible for everyone to come along with them to us, as of now we do not have the capacities yet to take in everybody.
Now we have more than 2000 children staying with us altogether, out of which more than 1200 are from the northeast, the area that is being terrorised by Boko Haram.

We are also very happy about the new buildings and facilities that could be established through the support of many people. During the past months, 5 out of the 28 uncompleted class rooms have been roofed. The completion of the school buildings is still a big need. The wooden building we are currently using for our school is filled to the bursting point, with 80 to 90 students in one class. Some classes still need to be aught in the open field. As more and more children are coming to us, we are in urgent need of bigger and better school buildings. More ccommodations for the children have been built: two brick houses for the boys as well as a brick house and a wooden house for the girls. Still, there is also the urgent need here to have more accomodations as new children are arriving daily.

There is also progress in the sanitary facilities: For the boys, 15 new water system toilets with tiled walls and sinks were built. This is planned for the girls also, the foundation was laid already. We have new water tanks and new taps for boys and girls each, and a new bore hole. We have also an additional small provisional kitchen, which was built single-handedly by some donors. Further, a small wooden house each for the boys and the girls has been built, which are presently used as accommodations, but will later serve as facilities for barbing children's hair.

Also, there is a health centre that is under construction, financed by donations as well, and we could employ a nurse who is caring for the children medically.
Apart from that, we are about to build a store house and a dining hall. The land for this was cleared manually with great commitment by our boys.

To provide for all the children with their everyday necessities, especially with foodstuffs, is still a great challenge. By the end of last year, we ran short of food, but thanks to your loving support we could meet that need and feed the children well again. That’s how we keep experiencing the move of God - like when for example help supplies are being brought to our centre all of a sudden, or when urgently needed items are being donated by people visiting us. That’s how we trust in God’s provision day by day.

We thank you all for your faithfulness and your precious help! Without you and your concern at the needs of the children it would not be possible to rescue them and care for them!
The situation in the northeast of Nigeria is still very dramatic, and there are still thousands of children in need of urgent help, not having hope.

Let us not be weary but let us do everything possible to rescue these lives!

God bless you!