You are invited to participate, donate to this conference and be blessed. This year is a turning point in our walk with God. See you soon, 8th-11th February 2024 at International Centre, Uhogua. Benin City. Nigeria










Update about new fellowship hall

As you know, right now a new fellowship hall is being built at the International Centre in Nigeria so that the more than 2500 brethren can have fellowship together and are sheltered from the heavy rain that falls daily and brings cold. The former hall could seat only about 300 people and was open on every side. The open hall was not able to resist wind and cold during this rainy season.

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Overwhelming healing testimony

Dear friends,

how wonderful it is to have a wonder working God!

Once again, we want to share with you a great testimony that took place at the International Centre in Nigeria, to encourage you in your faith.
Our Lord is our healer - Hallelujah!

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Convention Dec. 2016 - Abundant life

Dear friends,

In amazement we look back at the wonderful International Christian Convention from 23rd to 27th December 2016 and we want to share the great things that took place with those of you who unfortunately could not join.

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